Here's to the Characters Keeping Weddings Real...

One of the things I love about weddings is that they bring out the best in people. Emotions are heightened and characters become larger than life. There’s always an abundance of characters at weddings and they form the building blocks of any great day. 

There’s the loud one, the giggly one, the emotional one, the one that possibly started drinking a little too early and the one that’s a keen amateur/semi-professional photographer who wants to spend the day discussing equipment and techniques with the official wedding photographer! 

The more events you do, the more you come to recognise these character types, and while they can often display similar traits, they always have their own unique personalities and are great fun to photograph. Characters will keep the day moving in the right direction (a happy and fun direction). They’re great at calming the nervous, the first to break any awkward silence and they often make the day just that little bit more memorable.

I’ve wanted to put a post together that celebrates the great characters I’ve met for a while to spread the fun that such people bring to a special day. I literally could have filled this gallery with hundreds of great character moments, but I’ve edited them down to a more digestible number for you!