"What is done in love is done well" 

Vincent Van Gogh

About Kissing Gate Photography

Kissing Gate Photography is based in West Yorkshire and provides professional photography services throughout the UK and occasionally overseas!

Whether it’s a family portrait, wedding or corporate event, Kissing Gate delivers highly professional and creative photography that is based on the customer's desired outcomes.


Meet your Photographer

Rich Bunce has been a freelance photographer for nearly 10 years. His approach is professional, flexible, relaxed and creative.

He’s a loving husband, father and dog owner and can’t stop photographing his family! It’s his passion for capturing those special moments that enables him to produce photos that wow and delight customers. It’s also this perspective that helps create an instant rapport with the people he’s photographing, he knows what’s important and how to get the best from every situation.

In addition to the homes of happy customers, Rich’s photography is exhibited in galleries across the world, including London and New York. He has won and been nominated for many prestigious awards including a Commendation in the International Garden Photographer of the Year, Runner Up in the Lumen Digital Art Prize and shortlisted for the Renaissance Photography Awards. You can find more on Rich’s commercial and fine art work on www.richbunce.com.